Let’s face it. The romance of Italian race steeds has diminished thanks to all of the over-hyped bikes and bike companies that make everything from bikes to bike trailers. Italian bike companies are fighting for survival and for market share. Fewer consumers are valuing heritage and passion for the two wheeled machine than ever before; they are shopping for price, not what the product and brand stand for.

So, how does a small family run company from Italy survive? Innovation and passion. By being a big company, but still feeling like a family. By placing value on the relationships they build, not just how many units they sell. When we started carrying Wilier over 16 years ago it was a name very few knew. Compare that to today, and it is one of the top Italian bike brands in the world, something we are proud to have helped co-create. Despite this growth, the brand has still kept its unique identity and traditional values. I know the family on a first name basis (by their choosing), something that is not that common in an industry where often a shop is just another account number. These traits are something I try to portray in the store day to day. Our customers are more like friends, and as an owner I am always here to share insight on bikes or how to make a proper Gin and Tonic.

For those not familiar with Wilier, the company was started in 1906 in Italy, where the bikes are still designed and painted today. Wilier bikes have been ridden to numerous victories such as the Giro, Grand Tour stage wins including the 2010 Green Jersey by Ale Jet himself, and a World Championship in 2008. For 2019 Wilier is again proud sponsor of Direct Energie who put the Cento 10 front and center in the 2018 TDF with their aggressive riding. Who can forget Chavanel’s epic break on his Ramato painted Cento 10 Pro.

Pantani, Petacchi, Cunego, Gonchar, Moncoutie, Millar and of course Ballan. The list goes on of riders who have won on a Wilier

We are proud to be Edmonton’s exclusive Wilier dealer and their oldest in Canada. The bike can be custom assembled to your needs or you can get it built with one of Wilier’s kits. Wilier also offer fully custom painted frames that we can help you design. Check the gallery below for some amazing builds that will get your creative senses going. When you pick Wilier you are guaranteed a unique machine with history and prestige. You will not be disappointed.

Look through the gallery to see some of our favourite Wilier builds, or visit them here to start thinking about one of your own.