Italy. Where else.


Well, June means the usual Alberta thunderstorms and it also means my annual pilgrimage to Italy. It could not come at a better time as this week’s rain has broken me. Looking at the weather in Bassano del Grappa for next week and it is in the mid 30’s, which I will not complain about as I grovel up the gradients. I’m off to see what goodies my friends at Wilier have in store for 2020. This will be accompanied by the usual spritz’s on the Piazza, climbing Monte Grappa, and staying up too late. I’ll be staying just outside of Bassano del Grappa, which seems to have become my home in Italy. I’m ok with that. As per usual, quick little jaunt leaving Monday and back Sunday, But as I say, a quick trip to Italy is better than no trip it all. I can sleep when I get back.

Will try and post on the interwebs and share what I can without getting in trouble. Shop will be open with the crew, so be nice if you come in. Me being the yes man, in my absence don’t expect any last minute tubular gluing k? Remember it’s bikes and nothing is so important that it can’t wait till I am back. Enjoy the long weekend and Happy Canada Day! I will be celebrating our fine country in the Venice airport. Good times.

Guri Randhawa