As I am sure many of you have already seen, last week was the official launch of the new SRAM Red eTap AXS groupset, the long awaited re-vamp of the original eTap. Some things are the same: still wireless, with each unit carrying an individual battery. Some things are different: the addition of a hydraulic clutch and a 10 tooth cog to the cassette. In partnership with this launch, we have a 3T Strada Due Team already built up in-store waiting for you to come by and check it out. “But how could that be possible? The groupset only came out!” You are probably asking. Well, have you heard of 3T Bikes? Anyone of you that has been in the store will have seen them, as we are Edmonton’s exclusive 3T dealer. The 3T Bike brand was one of only a handful of bike brands that got to test and help launch this new groupset with SRAM, and, in partnership with 3T, we got to join in by building up a sick new Strada Due Team with 12-Speed SRAM Red eTap AXS in the brand new Stealth colour scheme (just to top it all off) for the launch. Don’t believe me? Check out the gallery below.


3T have long championed the 1x drivetrain, which made them the perfect fit to help push a 12-speed groupset. All the convenience of a 1x, without the giant gaps between gears as you move through the cassette. 3T, however, didn’t want to help launch a 1x only drivetrain. Despite being one of the biggest proponents of the 1x drivetrain, 3T recognized that there are still plenty of reasons to want a front derailleur. Long story short, when you look at the photos, you’ll notice that there are 2 chainrings and a front derailleur. 3T bikes were integral in the creation and development of the new drivetrain, and are already offering 3 different bikes with the new eTap AXS: The Strada Due Team (2x, pictured), Exploro LTD (2x), and Strada Team (1x).

As if it weren’t enough, 3T have also launched their new Discus C45 wheelset. These wheels are a complete, from the ground up, redesign, and man, are they ever fat (the Pirelli 25mm tires on there measured to 31mm), and man are they ever stealthy.

Anyways, I’ve rambled enough, so here is the recap. If you want to see the new SRAM Red eTap AXS 2x12 groupset, come see us. If you want to see the new 3T Discus C45 Wheelset, come see us. If you want to see the new Stealth 3T Strada Due Frameset, come see us. If you want to see any of the 3T bike line-up… I’m sure you get it.