We began our relationship with London’s Condor Cycles in 2014 and today remain their exclusive North American Stockist. This was a process many years in the making and wasn’t taken lightly by either party. Condor has been making bikes for over 60 years and is very selective of who carries their product, especially since the demand for their bikes is higher than their production. Why would they open more dealers when they could barely supply their current network? A very mature business approach that is uncommon in the Bike Industry these days. I’d bugged them for over 3-4 yrs knowing there weren’t any dealers in North America and feeling that they were a brand deserving of representation on this side of the pond. Each year they politely said no. They wished to maintain their control over the growth of their brand, and ensure that they were supporting their current dealers. This dialogue went back and forth until they finally felt North America was ready for the Condor brand and that they could properly support a dealer there. Many e-mails later, there was finally a conference call and a chance for me to pitch the PRW story and how we would represent the brand. Fast forward to now and we are still the exclusive dealer in North America. Of course, there is a PRW Connection as well. Good friend and former PRW staff member Matt Holland, aka BBC, worked at Condor Cycles in London and helped twist some arms, thanks Matt.

So, why Condor? Simple answer, tradition. A brand that still makes and paints their frames in Italy. Steel, Aluminum, Carbon, Ti and Stainless. All done by hand in Italy by artisans. Also, speaking to the owner, Grant, it was refreshing to talk to an owner of a bike brand whose main focus was not how many bikes will be sold but how we would represent the philosophy of the brand and grow it together. Sign me up.

If you would like to learn more about Condor, swing by the shop, check out the gallery below, or pay them a visit here.