Simply put Argon 18 gets it. They understand fit with their 3D Headtube system. They understand the importance of sponsoring Pro Teams to get R&D and valuable testing. They are the current sponsors of the Astana Men’s and Women’s Pro Teams, Canadian National Track Team, Australian National Track Team and the Danish National Track Team. They create relationships with dealers and they understand the importance of a strong dealer network. They are a Canadian company, which may not be important to everyone, but it’s important to me. I love supporting a Canadian brand that is fighting with the big guys on the WorldTour.

I’m very pleased to announce that my friend Guri Randhawa from Pedalhead Road Works has become our newest Argon Dealer in Western Canada. I am are very excited to be working with him knowing his passion for cycling and his dedication and support in the bike industry
— Gervais Rioux

I could go on and on, but long story short, I am really happy that Argon 18 is excited that their bikes are in PRW. I always like to have a 3-5 year plan and Argon 18 is along the same path. There are some amazing things coming down the line that I can’t talk about yet. Did I mention how great Gervais is? Yah, maybe it’s a man crush, or maybe its pure respect. He’s a super genuine guy who I can’t say enough kind words about. He came by the shop a couple years back to show a new prototype of what became the Nitrogen Pro. I wasn’t even a dealer and he was proud to show off the latest his company had come out with for the riders at Bora-Argon. How many owners of bike companies still go visit dealers? Cancel that, how many owners of bike brands go into prospective dealers? I will answer that for you, not many. When I decided to add Argon, I received a call at home from Gervais himself. He was in Europe with Astana going over the new bikes, but he wanted to thank me for getting on board and was genuinely excited about our partnership. I was simply blown away that he personally took the time to call me, again reflecting his personal involvement in the company that he started, and his belief in PRW.

Argon’s recent announcement of sponsorship for the Canadian Men’s and Women’s Road and Track Teams means a lot to me and the shop. If you know me, you know that I support many of the National Team Athletes that got their start right here in E-Town. I figure if I am fixing and fitting their bikes it might as well be a brand I carry and love.

We have lots of cool Argon builds to show you in the gallery below, and if that isn’t enough, visit their website to check out even more.