Super excited to bring back an iconic race from the 80’s, the Caboto Days Crit. Those from the race scene back them will remember the crit in its various forms in Little Italy. I have been wanting to bring this back for years and when the organizers of the Feste Italiana reached out we could not say no. It’s a bit last minute, but that’s the way we roll! This is an amazing opportunity to partner up with the festival and have a full-on Italian party, Edmonton style. Sadly, as a club of less than 20 members, we will not be able to run our Crit in Glenora. Instead, we will focus on the new event. We will update the info surrounding the crit as it becomes available, but I wanted to get the word out ASAP. This will truly be a great event for the entire family. My man Aaron Schooler is heading up the course design and details of the entire event along with team members Josh Jones and Chris Bolivar. We are in need of volunteers, so let me know if you are available, you can race and volunteer, or even just do a half day. We will take any time you can spare. You can view the tech guide here, or here are some quick details:

  • Race is at Giovanni Caboto Park, Edmonton, 25 Aug 2019.

  • Yes, there will be beer! Each racer receives one beverage from the Al Centro beer gardens at the Feste Italiana (non-alcoholic options available). Partnering with the Feste Italiana this year to bring festival atmosphere to the racing scene and fun for the whole family so bring everyone.

  • Information on our after event party to come but it will be at OTTO food and drink just north of the venue. Racing finishes up by 3pm so everyone has enough time to travel back home and prepare for the work week after a quick beer and quality sausages from OTTO.

  • See the event link on the ABA website for the Juventus TTT happening on Saturday for a full weekend of road racing. TT bikes not allowed, so you only need to bring one bike with you for the weekend.

  • Follow our event page on Facebook where we will post a whole bunch of updates and historical photos from the Historical Classic Caboto days crit.

  •  Lots of killer prizes as always so mark it down on the calendar. Cash crowd Primes kids.

  • The Italian’s know how to do podiums! We have found the trophy’s they used to use for both the Caboto crit and the Leva crit, both will be repurposed for different categories in this year’s Giro del Centro

  • This year we are doing T-shirts for Volunteers! We can never thank our volunteer enough for making this event possible.

  • Schooler designed course so you know it will be the funnest Crit course ever as he never disappoints :)

Guri Randhawa