Getting Started

It's like learning how to ride a bike.....

Whether you’re new to road cycling or a veteran racer, buying a bicycle with PRW is even easier. Below is a detailed brief of our 3 step process to get you on the road with the right bike for the best cycling experiences ahead.

The Fit

An active bike fit will help you do more than you ever thought possible with your new bike. Poor bike fit is the number one reason a lot of people dislike their present bikes. Fitting is a science and has many aspects involved. Every one of our Professional Bike Fits is done with Guri Randhawa. His experience in fitting some of the top racers in Canada complemented with a degree in Kinesiology and F.I.S.T certification, you can be confident you are being fit in a qualified manner.

To deliver your bike frame options, we assess body and limb proportions, weight, gender, age, injuries, and ability. The Guru Experience is used in tandem with these assessments to determine your active fit. Static and Dynamic fit principles are also applied in your fitting since your biomechanics change as you place load on your limbs.

The Bike

We offer Road, Cross, TT, Tri and Track bikes. Countless hours spent designing and engineering ensure that each bike is precisely built. Every detail matters. From the precise fit to each component chosen, the result is a bike that fits, looks polished and refined, and feels responsive and durable. A bike that you will want to ride day in and day out.

To offer the right bike, only quality components and materials will do. That’s why the bikes we offer are ridden by professional athletes all over the world, athletes that rely on their equipment day in and day out. But more importantly every brand we carry we would personally ride ourselves as we truly believe that we carry some of the best bikes made . The right bike, fit, high-performance components and the quality you expect.

Every bicycle is available as a frameset or built to your specification from the ground up which includes a comprehensive sizing and Guru Fit appointment.

The Build

Your bike is built from the ground up by us. Every rider is different in size, riding style, morphology and needs. Let us help guide you to select which wheels and tires best suit your terrain and usage, what gearing will optimize your strengths. Contact points such as saddles, bars and pedals are vital in how comfortable you are on those long days on the bike and there are more options now than ever before. There are saddles in different widths and shapes to accommodate every variety of rider size and flexibility. Handlebars come in different widths, drops, reach lengths, all designed to optimize performance and comfort without sacrifice. These choices are all made by you. You are not stuck with what the bike industry feels is the norm. You can be assured that all the component brands we offer are hand selected by us, without compromise. A bike built just for you.

Getting Started

Ready to find that perfect bike? Contact us for a fit appointment to help choose your new bike. You will need cycling shoes, riding kit plus a towel. Let us know your pedal system as we carry most common brands and will set up the fit to match. The Guru fit process takes anywhere from 1-1.5 hrs so be prepared to sweat. Once the fit is completed we take a deposit, which comes off the price of the bike. Next we come up with options for the perfect bike to meet your fit and performance needs. We work with you to decide how to spec the bike including any changes to wheels, saddle, gearing and groupset. Lastly we build it exactly matching the specs of the fit. It is that simple.

At this time we are only offering fits for new bike purchases and clients who already have a existing bike purchased from PRW. When time does permit we may open this service up to existing bike fits, we appreciate your understanding and patience.

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